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Amulet Doll, Positive Energy, Interior Textile Doll

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Amulet Doll, Positive Energy, Interior Textile Doll

Instead of a doll’s face - a motanka, a cross is a symbol of the sun. The cross is also a symbol of harmonization of the spiritual (vertical line) and bodily (horizontal line), similar to the heavenly and earthly, male and female principles. It is known that the eyes are a "mirror of the soul." The eyes on the sacred doll were not depicted so that identification with any living creature did not occur. People believed that a soul could fly into the eyes. The cross on the motanka’s face, as it were, testifies to her being outside of space and time; therefore, she is an archetype, the image of Beregini, a vehicle of her strength.
Motanka is a symbol of goodness and sperity, abundance, a symbol of hope for the best and strong sacred object. Such a doll will be a wonderful gift and bring positive energy to the house.
A beautiful paper scroll with a description of the chrysalis is attached to the doll and where you can write your dreams and invest in the doll.

Height- 30 cm
Diameter- 25 cm;

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