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5" X 5" Real Fr d Butterfly

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5" X 5" Real Fr d Butterfly

Beautiful REAL butterfly without any cess, its colors are natural.

Each screen is airtight and is made of transparent, durable and high quality acrylic. Each butterfly is mounted on a 1 "acrylic pole that presents the illusion of the butterfly suspended in flight.

1) - All our butterflies are of A1 collection quality. Perfect, all our butterflies have their antennae.

2) - Our acrylic frames are sealed to last more than 50 years ready to see where you like.

3) - Our creations in acrylic make the butterfly last much longer, we have butterflies from all over the world.

4) - Avoid exposure to very high temperatures, humidity or direct sunlight. With per care, you can enjoy this wonder for decades.

5) - If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through ETSY or call me at:561-886-7583

Thank you